Saturday, 8 March 2014

First Impressions

Hong Kong is a very small place, only 825 square miles including Lantau, Kowloon, the Net Territories and its  260 outlying islands. And with only a quarter of that space developed, it’s a very very small place for all 7 million people to live.

So they stack. The city’s high rises are ubiquitous, at least here on the Central/mid-levels side of the island. For all I know there are big houses with wide verandas on the south side of the island.

It's also very orderly. At the train stations, someone takes the time to line up the trollies.

This is the view from my road.

The world's longest outdoor escalator. Aseries of outdoor escalators descend (or climb, depending on your perspective) 800 meters to carry tens of thousands of people to and from work each day. Believe me, escalators are necessary in this city. The hills here turn the whole place in to one big stairmaster.

My apartment at Shama Midlevels. It's tiny, not unlike living in a boat.

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